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Storyboard Demos

The only purpose for the shown material is private demonstration, no publishing, no commercial use, no copying or sharing.
The clips were taken from existing (not original) YouTube footage, put together and edited for this hidden page only.


Music: Mal Hombre - Dig That Hole

Music: Not My President - Th1rt3En (N.M.P.)

Music: St. James Infirmary (Mal Hombre Version)

Music: Mal Hombre - Take That Gun

Music: Not My President - A Little Like

Music: When It Rains (Brad Mehldau | Mal Hombre Version)

You can find all the songs used above in these Soundcloud playlists or as downloads:

Album LECHE NEGRA Playlist


Leche Negra Cover Mal Hombre Andreas Eichenauer Not My President NMP

Complete Audio Downloads

Since WW II is supposedly part of the movie script, the following song BUCHENWALD (The Other Side) directly adresses the atrocities of the NS-regime and the horror and death they caused and left.

Original music by Tord Gustavsen
Lyrics by Andreas Eichenauer & Engin Devekiran
written after a visit to the conenctration camp

Buchenwald (The Other Side) ENG.png
Buchenwald (The Other Side) Mal Hombre Tord Gustavsen Lyrics Lyrik Gedicht Andreas Eichenauer Songtext Liedtext song

In fact, the whole record LECHE NEGRA by NOT MY PRESIDENT's forerunner solo project MAL HOMBRE, which contains the most songs mentioned above, is a kind-of-concept album that deals with the holocaust or it's context in different lyrical and musical ways.

MAL HOMBRE's tarantinoesque music video/short film series LECHE NEGRA, all DIY

Movie Project MAL HOMBRE
Mal Hombre - Now That You're Mine

Mal Hombre - Now That You're Mine

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Mal Hombre - Dig That Hole

Mal Hombre - Dig That Hole

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Mal Hombre - When It Rains (feat. Coco SaFir)

Mal Hombre - When It Rains (feat. Coco SaFir)

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Mal Hombre - Rise

Mal Hombre - Rise

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